Photo REstoration

If you’re like most people, you probably have a box or an album full of old family photos that you’ve been meaning to preserve, but just never got around to it! Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more faded those pictures will become.Don’t you think your kids and grandchildren would love to see their family history? If your kids are young, they may not have the interest just yet, but wait a few years. Once they start having their own children, family photos will become more and more important to them. Don’t let your family history die, just because you “never got around to it”!

By using a unique combination of traditional photographic equipment and the latest in computer technology, we can bring your old family pictures back to life! There’s no shortage of ways your photographs can be destroyed – fire, flood, or just the fact that everything just eventually fades. But, nearly all of us value photographs of our past generations. But, most people don’t store their pictures properly, and they get stained and they warp, discolor, and fade. Worse yet, many get cracked and torn. That’s where we can help! We can copy and restore those old photos so that generations to come can have those memories and family history.

Some of the basic things we can do for your photographs:
  • Remove or add people or things
  • Colorize a black & white photograph
  • Remove cracks and scratches
  • Add titles, names, and graphics